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ECTRA wants all traders to be investors. We want everybody to be successful in what they do in the financial and commodity markets.

We want everybody to be aware of what's happening in the market so that they can make an informed decision of where, how and when to make their entry. 

ECTRA CLAN has been started to provide positive energy to the all the retail market participants.  It also intended to redefine the trading and investment methodology in an organized manner.


ECTRA CLAN is meant to help the members to go through the investing and trading system, designed with clear ECTRA RULES.

ECTRA CLAN members will have the support of a dedicated executive  to align themselves with the system, created by ECTRA.

ECTRA CLAN members will receive a monthly newsletter (softcopy) from me.

ECTRA CLAN members will be under the full hearted support of ECTRA family.


You are welcome to ECTRA CLAN to inhale and exhale the positive energy.


Think Positive

Do it positively

Let the result also positive.