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Spotlight Commodity



Commodity trading is Futures trading. Futures trading may end up in unlimited profit or unlimited loss.
When you trade in Commodity, you have to trade in Lots.  Different commodities has different lot sizes.
If you take a bigger lot size, it means you are taking bigger risk. Of course, you have the choice to trade in smaller lot size as well.
This way you can choose the lot size based on your risk taking ability.

It is important to manage the risk in trading. Another very important factor in trading is, entering the market when you find an opportunity. It is however important to identify the right opportunity suitable to you.

In order to convince your mind before making an entry, Mr. T.R.Arulrajhan explains the opportunities with the help of charts. You also learn the technical points that help in identifying the trading opportunities.

In Spotlight Commodity, the important precious metals, energy products and base metals are covered.



   Crude Oil

   Natural Gas