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Spotlight Equity

When we enter the market for the first time, we get confused and lose confidence easily. If we get some guidance to understand the direction of the market, it would be helpful. Hence, Mr.T.R.Arulrajhan designed this product called Spotlight - Equity.


For whom it is meant for ?

Futures traders in NIFTY, BANKNIFTY and other Stocks.

Day traders in the Cash Market.

Swing traders in the Cash Market and Futures Market.

Investors for Short term and Long term


Opportunities are identified for the following items

Futures Nifty

Futures Bank Nifty

Futures HCL Tech.

Cash Scrip – 1

Cash Scrip – 2

Cash Scrip - 3

Swing Trading – Cash Scrip

Swing Trading – Cash Scrip 2

Swing Trading – Cash Scrip - 3

Swing Trading

Investment Scrip

You can utilise the information provide through Spotlight to identify your entry and exit points and made sound trades.