TIMER is a very unique offering of ECTRA’s for investors.

This is a guidance to take technically informed decision, based on the trend reversal for your investment.  This is a technical portfolio.   Money allocation can be made equally to each company.   Your allocation to each company should not exceed more than 10% of your total portfolio value.

In this product, we provide Entry and Exit Levels of 10 Stocks from Nifty 50, based on the technical reversal pattern analysis.   This services is to help you to take a informed decision based on  the technical input.

Risk Management: You should have a clear risk management for each entry and stirctly follow the same.

We provide these levels whenever we see an opportunity in the Stocks. (For entry and exit - The exit is intended to close the position with profit.  In case price moves in opposite direction, an exit will be given with a small loss)

Price :  This is a 3 month subscription product for 10 companies.  The price is Rs.3500/- for 3 months for 10 companies.  

As an Introductory offer, we have kept this product for free till 31st Jan 2021.

You can subscribe to it by following these steps:

  1. Filling this form   https://forms.gle/VgPMpoEHggqmr2jJ8
  2. Logging In to our website with the same email id you mentioned in the google form.  
  3. Join our Telegram Channel https://t.me/ectrachannel
  4. We would intimate here whenever we have uploaded the levels on our website. You can log in and download the pdf file to check the levels once intimated.

For any queries, do not hesitate to reach out to us.