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Guidance Programs

Equity Pro

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A daily trading Guide with set of rules to follow to succeed in Day-trading.

Equity Pro identifies the trading opportunities in 8 scrips and helps to make entries in the market with Breakout Trade.

Guidance is provided to identify Support & Resistance levels.

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Guidance will be made available at 8:30 am every morning on all market days

8 Scrips will be spread between 3 Futures + 2 Regular Cash Scrips + 3 New Cash Scrips everyday


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An Investors’ time keeper for your wealth Creation

Timer helps identifying Entry & Exit levels for Nifty 50 stocks from various industries for your Investment Portfolio based in Technical Reversal pattern analysis.

We provide these levels whenever we see an opportunity in the Stocks. (For entry and exit - The exit is intended to close the position with profit. In case price moves against our interest, a exit will be given with a small loss).

Log in & Subscribe based on the tenor you want the Guidance support

Choose the companies you want our Guidance Support

Receive the entry / exit on your registered mobile whenever there is an opportunity

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