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Training Programs

Master The Stock Market

#investment #portfolio #trading #technical #futurestrading #optionstrading

Investment Opportunities | Capital Appreciation | Maximising Return | Risk Optimisation | Risk Diversification | Improve Overall Efficiency | Portfolio Flexibility | Key to be a Successful Trader or an Investor is the Technical Analysis | Want to learn and succeed in Derivative market?

Then this is the right training module for you!

Master the subject

It is a unique program, will give you a complete insight of cash market to derivatives.

Mentorship Program - SFL

#stockmarketforliving #mentoring #earning

Is Stock Market for living your idea? Then wait not and enroll for this month long program

Get live and practical experience in addition to the conceptual session to be a confident trader

Conceptual Training

How the institution play in the market. Identifying the institutions buying and selling area. How to use them effectively to go long and short.

Live Market Session

20 Days Live Market Analysis

Swing Trade & Investment

3 Swing Trading + 1 Investment session

Next Day Review

All the planned trades will be reviewed on daily basis

Review of 40 Trades of the Participants

Review of 40 Trades of the Participants

Demand & Supply

Accurate way of taking decision for investment, swing trade and day trade.

Mentorship Program - OFL


Options Trading is a full time trading course for living. It will cover the important strategies for daily income, weekly income and monthly income plans for traders.

It is a one month program with detailed session in beginning, followed by daily live sessions

Wealth Wave

#Second Income #Stock Market #intro

Second income provides financial security, diversification, and accelerates wealth building, ensuring a resilient and balanced financial future

Then, you are in the right place to begin your journey in Stock market with our program.

Financial Market Overview

Components & Types of Financial Market, Equity Market, Debt Market & Money Market

Primary Market

Initial Public Offering (IPO), Follow-on Public Offer (FPO), Offer For Sale (OFS)

Corporate Actions

Dividend, Bonus, Rights, Stock Split, Face Value, Record Date, Book Closure, Non-Delivery period

Stock Exchange

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Stock Exchanges, Middleman, Portfolio Managers, Foreign Institutional Investors

Secondary Market

Trading Members, Account Opening, Market Watch Screen, Buy Order, Sell Order, Stoploss Order, Cover Order, Bracket Order

Market Segments

Cash Segment, Futures Segment and Options Segment. Commodity and Currency Segments

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